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Wallace Stevens has the final word

Piled on a chair in front of me is a stack of books about 2.5 feet tall. The topics in these books range from Nuclear Engineering to Great Speeches in History—the former being about the principals of nuclear reactors and … Continue reading

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Art, Zen and Self-help

Continuing the project of cleaning up my library, I begin sorting out some of the art and self-help books. (Self-help is another class of books that should do well in the eBook market). One of the first books I notice … Continue reading

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Animal Spirits Rule

The conservatives had their Voodoo Economics and now liberals have Animal Spirits. The term Animal Spirits, as an economic concept, originated in the works of John Maynard Keynes in the 1936. Keynes argued that private-sector decisions sometimes produced inefficient outcomes, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Books are Exciting

Reviewing the books in my library as part of this downsizing project has reacquainted me with several of my books that I had not picked up in quite a while. I am looking now at three hardbound volumes by historian Barbara … Continue reading

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Scholars, Spain and the Americas

Once, while studying the expansion of Spain’s empire and the conquest of the Americas, I accumulated a hodgepodge of books that included several scholarly tomes about Spain and Latin America. These books, in general, seemed to be written to satisfy … Continue reading

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The Impenetrable Umberto Eco

In general I’m all for a novel that presents difficulty for a reader, but the novels of Umberto Eco seem to raise obscurity to a new level. I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy complex novels by García Marqués (A Thousand … Continue reading

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Too Many Birding Guides

Today I tackled the shelves containing my birding field guides and the stacks of travel guides that I usually consult before a birding trip to another country. Other than actually being in the field looking at birds, here is nothing … Continue reading

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Reading in Bangkok

Removing the several C. P. Snow novels from my library uncovered a tall stack of paperbacks from the days when The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by Le Carré sold for 75¢. Included in the stack were several … Continue reading

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Avoid Boring Conversation

While going through a stack of C. P. Snow’s novels to pick some to remove from my library I came across a bookmark: “Old Chinese Proverb—ABC, Avoid Boring Conversation”. Good advice. However, conversation was often hard to come by when … Continue reading

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Grimpow in Translation

The medieval adventures of the teen-aged Grimpow tapped into the potentially vast bonanza of sales to Young Adults that was created by the Harry Potter series. But, the first volume of the Grimpow series, Grimpow—The Invisible Road, didn’t quite measure … Continue reading

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