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Harry Potter in Spanish

Harry Potter was introduced to the unsuspecting public in 1997, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rawling, and the Spanish translation was published a year latter. I have both editions: the pages of my Scholastic trade paperback … Continue reading

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Books in Translation

Several of the novels in my library are English translations of Spanish language novels also in the library. I’m wondering if I should look at them as duplicates, and then eliminate either the original or the translation from my bookshelf. … Continue reading

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Baudolino tells his Story

The novels of Umberto Eco are a difficult read (I declare that without proof or analysis), but they are worth the effort. In my opinion, that is especially true for his first two novels: The Name of the Rose (1980) … Continue reading

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Don Quijote Sallies Forth

Browsing the lowest, darkest corners of my library, I encountered a Spanish edition of Cervantes classic: Don Quijote de la Mancha. These two dusty volumes, Parts I and II, were purchased in Madrid during a sightseeing trip to Castile and … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Discovery

While shifting a pile of books on the lower shelf of a bookcase I discovered a tall stack of books that had been hidden from view for some years. In the stack were two Modern Library editions from my undergraduate … Continue reading

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Seeing Double

Duplicates, Duplicates: looking for duplicates, I found 3 volumes of Virgil’s masterpiece, The Aneid. Two of the copies are the famous Fitzgerald translation and the third is the new translation by Flagel. I like reading the Flagel best.

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Goodbye Inspector Banks

The blade of the deaccessioner’s guillotine has fallen on my collection of suspense thrillers featuring Chief Inspector Alan Banks. Banks is the invention of English-born Canadian mystery writer Peter Robinson. My library has the trade paperback editions of the first 7 … Continue reading

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Goodbye Wapshot Chronicle

The deaccessioning has to start somewhere; the first book must be selected, but which one?  I like all of my books, even those that I can’t seem to find the energy or time to read. After some agony, I selected, … Continue reading

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Hello, World! Books Flying Away

Hello, World! Books are flying as I remove them from my library. Do bloggers really say “Hello, World”? Probably not, but the phrase is familiar to me from when I wrote computer programs. I’ve coded it often when testing a … Continue reading

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