Hunting a Woozle


"Tracks," said Piglet.

The first iPad application I opened was iBook; I registered for an account and the bookshelf appeared with my first eBook: Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne. It was a free copy of the beautiful Dutton Children’s Books edition of 1926 with the original color illustrations by E.H. Shepard. The dedication reads:

Hand in hand we come
Christopher Robin and I
To lay this book in your lap.
Say you’re surprised?

And, yes, I could say that I was surprised. I had expected eBooks to be black –and-white without illustrations, surprise!

I quickly scanned to some of my favorite Winnie-the-Pooh passages; one of which involves Pooh and Piglet.  On a snowy winter day Pooh is walking in circles, his head down towards the ground.

“Hallo!” said Piglet, “what are you doing?”
“Hunting,” said Pooh.“
Hunting what?”
“Tracking something,” said Winnie-the-Pooh very mysteriously
“Tracks,” said Piglet. “Paw-marks.” He gave a little squeak of excitement, “Oh, Pooh! Do you think it’s a—a—a Woozle?”

The moral here may be that when going around in circles you may get a sense that a crowd is joining you, but look back and you may see that you are all alone. This is something for our political leaders to think about.

Apple clearly got my full attention with their iBook application for the iPad. I knew that I would enjoy reading on the iPad and I have.

Day 1: Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne

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