Historian, Inquisitor Cyber Chat

The historian Teresa fidgets at her computer terminal hoping that Inquisitor will connect to the chat room, but her cyber chat friend remains offline and unavailable. It has been several weeks and the historian is distraught by the waiting, but she hasn’t given up hope. To pass the time, she begins a blog to chronicle her acquaintance with Inquisitor from her first chance finding of a mysterious blog relating events at a Spanish convent in 1720 to her search for the author named Inquisitor in cyberspace. She tells in successive blog entries how she found him, how their connection developed and what they discussed.

The reader is drawn slowly into this strange cyber relationship: after many on-line chats are reported in successive blog entries the Inquisitor suddenly goes offline but then returns to ask the historian to come visit him. He refuses to tell her the reason for the visit and the suspense builds for the reader. What will happen to the historian when she visits the person with the provocative handle, Inquisitor?

This novel noir takes place mainly in the modern world of Chat Rooms where philosophy, retribution and vengeance are discussed. Above all, the novel looks at cyber relationships, where a person is never certain who is on the other end of a chat connection. I found the philosophy, Danish philosopher Kierkegaard is discussed, somewhat dreary, but the conversations between the Historian and Inquisitor held my interest.

This novel is excellent fiction noir set in the cyber age. The author’s blog, Los trabajos y los días, can be found on Blogspot.com

Day 11: El Blog del Inquisitor (Lorenzo Silva) (2008).

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