Curve — American Buckaroo in Action


Buckaroo Working a Roundup, 96 Ranch, Paradise Valley, NV (photo: 96 Ranch Web Site).

This buckaroo is all business. The loop of her lasso curves through the air, and that calf is sure to be branded (or marked) before returning to the herd. The scene is the Stewart’s 96 ranch in Paradise Valley, NV. Paradise Valley is in the remote north of Nevada, far from the lights of Las Vegas, and, make no mistake, the 96 is a working cattle ranch.

For 20 years from 1945 to 1965, Leslie Stewart (owner of the Ninety-Six Ranch) allowed ethnographers to photograph and document the workings of the ranch. This study, known as the Paradise Valley and Folklife Project, now resides in the Library of Congress, and much of the work is available on-line in the digital collection: Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada.

Wire Gate in a Barbed Wire fence, Suzi Jones, 1976, Buckaroos in Paradise, Library of Congress.

Buckaroo and His Gear (detail), R.E. Ahlborn, 1978, Paradise Valley Folklife Project Collection, LOC

Buckaroo and His Gear (detail), Carl Fleischhauer, 1980, Paradise Valley Folklife Project Collection, LOC

When you can’t get out to take your own pictures, it’s nice to have the internet and the Library of Congress. Follow the link to see the full photo of the Buckaroo.

Cheers, Carto

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4 Responses to Curve — American Buckaroo in Action

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  2. These photos are absolutely stunning. Do you photograph as well? 🙂

    • carto says:

      These photos have been modified for the web by me with photoshop. Most of the photos on my site are my own, but I haven’t been able to get out of the house much this month so I went to our National Library for these shots. I agree, they are stunning. We’re fortunate to have the Library of Congress to preserve our heritage. Carto

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