Look Up — Afternoon Sun in Memorial Church


Memorial Church, Stanford University, 2016

It’s intermission, the sun is streaming into Stanford’s Memorial Church and the iPhones are out.


Don’t forget to Look Up now and then.

Cheers, Carto


About carto

Retired software engineer who grew up in Montana, went to Montana State College in Bozeman, and moved to California to work at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Carto's Logbook is about photography, travel and adventure; Mt. Maurice Times is tall tales mostly biographical; Carto's Library is about books I've read and liked.
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6 Responses to Look Up — Afternoon Sun in Memorial Church

  1. Dale says:

    Great Shots! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Jane Lurie says:

    Gorgeous shots! I must stop in there sometime.

  4. Lovely photos. I love domed churches.

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