Dense — Spring, Yellows and Whites


Spring in the Back Yard, 2017

After a wet winter, the back yard is dense with color: yellow rose, and flowering cherry are in full bloom while the oranges continue to ripen and our camellia opens new blooms daily. This is a great time to be outdoors.

Ode to the Present

as smooth
as a board,
and fresh,

this hour
this day
as clean
as an untouched glass

— not a single
from the past:

we touch
the moment;
with our fingers,
we cut it
to size,

we direct
its blooming.
It’s living,
It’s alive:

it brings nothing
from yesterday that can’t be redeemed,
nothing from the lost past.

Ode to the present, Pablo Neruda (translated by Ken Krabbenhoft), Odes to Opposites, Bulfinch Press, 1999

I encourage you to read the original, Oda al presente, at the Neruda website here. The first lines of the untranslated original follow:


como una tabla,
esta hora,
este día
como una copa nueva
—del pasado
no hay una
con los dedos
el presente,
su medida,
su brote,
está viviente,
nada tiene
de ayer irremediable,
de pasado perdido, …

Cheers, Carto

But “dense” has many meanings that inspire bloggers: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense.

About carto

Retired software engineer who grew up in Montana, went to Montana State College in Bozeman, and moved to California to work at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Carto's Logbook is about photography, travel and adventure; Mt. Maurice Times is tall tales mostly biographical; Carto's Library is about books I've read and liked.
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3 Responses to Dense — Spring, Yellows and Whites

  1. pierrmorgan says:

    What a beautiful spot!

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  3. What a gorgeous poem by Neruda (I had not read this one before) – and so perfect for being in each new moment of whatever this spring is bringing to us.

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