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Oedipus—A King in Torment

The lights dim in the tiny Nitery Theater on the campus of Stanford University and the packed house hushes. The lights come on again; dimly. Chorus appears at the edge of the empty stage and we hear Seneca’s lines of … Continue reading

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A Slavic Love Story: Hero and Leander Retold

Once upon a time, An overbearing father grounded his daughter Hero, a ripening young melon; he exiled her to a maiden’s tower on the edge of the water. But, that didn’t stop the willful virgin from seducing Leander, a gorgeous … Continue reading

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The Whale—The Lure of the Sea

Wandering through the house with a heavy novel in my hand, I was looking at book shelves and now and then pulling a volume to read the opening lines—I was half way through my yearlong project of reading and re-reading … Continue reading

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Summertime Reading Don Quixote

A couple of years ago, my reading project for the summer vacation was the complete Don Quijote de la Mancha, 1,100 pages—well, sometime after Labor Day, when schools had restarted after summer vacation, it was high time for me to … Continue reading

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Image & Reality:Don Quixote and Sancho

My introduction to the legendary Don Quixote was similar to that of many American children. From the local library, I checked out the Everyman’s Library Children’s Classics edition: Don Quixote from La Mancha by Judge Parry. This great illustrated re-telling … Continue reading

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Galatea, Raphael and Cyberspace

The dust jacket of my copy of Richard Powers’ fictional journey into cyberspace, Galatea 2.2, has the painting of a young woman by renaissance master Rafael; called La fornarina, the painting is a likeness of Raphael’s mistress. Judging a book by … Continue reading

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Hunting a Woozle

The first iPad application I opened was iBook; I registered for an account and the bookshelf appeared with my first eBook: Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne. It was a free copy of the beautiful Dutton Children’s Books edition of 1926 with … Continue reading

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Reading in Bangkok

Removing the several C. P. Snow novels from my library uncovered a tall stack of paperbacks from the days when The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by Le Carré sold for 75¢. Included in the stack were several … Continue reading

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Don Quijote Sallies Forth

Browsing the lowest, darkest corners of my library, I encountered a Spanish edition of Cervantes classic: Don Quijote de la Mancha. These two dusty volumes, Parts I and II, were purchased in Madrid during a sightseeing trip to Castile and … Continue reading

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Seeing Double

Duplicates, Duplicates: looking for duplicates, I found 3 volumes of Virgil’s masterpiece, The Aneid. Two of the copies are the famous Fitzgerald translation and the third is the new translation by Flagel. I like reading the Flagel best.

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