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Pulitzer Prize: Indecision, Waffling Second to None

Joseph Pulitzer is shown here in a pensive mood. In the background is the Medallic Art Co. medal that is awarded to winners of the Pulitzer Prize. What would Joseph Pulitzer think of the indecision on the part of the … Continue reading

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Poet Whispering In the Ear of Congress

What if this flock of chickens got riled up? Imagine it. Congress, let me whisper in your ear: “The chickens are circling and blotting out the day. The sun is bright, but the chickens are in the way…” Imagine a … Continue reading

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Our Founders: How Did They Do It?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”—this remarkable assertion begins the Declaration of Independence as written by the founders of our country in 1776 after considerable heated debate and 11th hour compromises on wording. Some few years later, in 1789, … Continue reading

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