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Gertrude Stein: The Novel Ida, Fame and Celebrity

Alice B. Toklas was 29 years old in 1908 when she left her home in San Francisco for Paris. She met Gertrude Stein the day she arrived in Paris and the star struck Toklas was moved to write: “She was … Continue reading

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Alabama—Crossing Over, African-Americans, Descendants of Slaves

The quilt in the photo was one of bed covers featured in the 2006 De Young Museum exhibition The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. All the quilts in the exhibit were hand-made by the women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Many of … Continue reading

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The Bicentennial Of Charles Dickens’ Birth

On the 7th of February in 1812, 200 years ago, a boy was born to Mrs. Dickens in a village 80 miles outside of London. The boy was named Charles and would grow up to be an eminent author in the … Continue reading

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Ferlinghetti: “a few dead minds in the higher places”

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti coined the phrase in today’s title in 1955; it is a line from the poem The World is a Beautiful Place that appeared in Number One of the Pocket Poets Series, published by City Lights Bookstore in … Continue reading

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Poet Whispering In the Ear of Congress

What if this flock of chickens got riled up? Imagine it. Congress, let me whisper in your ear: “The chickens are circling and blotting out the day. The sun is bright, but the chickens are in the way…” Imagine a … Continue reading

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Bojagi: Art by the Women of Korea

Once upon a time in a far off land the rulers forbad women from many activities that women today enjoy:  visiting with neighbors, leaving the house alone, or speaking their mind… To keep their sanity, the women developed a unique … Continue reading

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The Parker Novels—A Criminal’s Life. Fiction, Of Course

As this crime thriller opens, a criminal called Parker is leaving a New Jersey flophouse. He has arranged to meet with a man who has an idea for a heist. If the idea pans out, Parker will put together a … Continue reading

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Hairspray al fresco on Mt. Tamilpais

Hairspray, the musical, fit the day like a glove. It was sunny and warm in the gorgeous amphitheatre atop Mt. Tamalpais where Mountain Play is bringing the Broadway hit to the outdoor stage in its 98th annual production. On this … Continue reading

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