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Look Up — Afternoon Sun in Memorial Church

It’s intermission, the sun is streaming into Stanford’s Memorial Church and the iPhones are out. Don’t forget to Look Up now and then. Cheers, Carto   Advertisements

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Anne Carson: The Return of Geryon

Once upon a time in Erytheia, an island off the west coast of what we now call Spain, there lived a monster who had a valuable herd of red cattle. The monster was called Geryon by the ancient Greek poets: … Continue reading

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The Robber Barons—High-speed Rail in California

Where are the poets when you need them? Won’t some poet sing the praises of this beautiful new train? On July 7, 2012 the California Senate approved a bill authorizing construction of a 130-mile stretch of the high-speed rail down … Continue reading

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Mark Bowden—Worm, New Mutant Activity Registered

As Mark Bowden’s science thriller Worm: The First Digital World War opens, a computer security expert named Phil is scrolling through a long list of computer threats. There were 137 attacks on that day, not an unusual number for an … Continue reading

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Thornton Wilder: Our Town Survives Deconstruction

The house dims, the curtain opens and the stage lights come up; revealed at the back of the bare stage is an older man in white dinner jacket that shines brightly in the stage lighting. He is the Stage Manager. … Continue reading

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Stephen Foster: Darkies, People and Great Music

An invitation from Stanford University to attend “An Evening with Stephen Foster” had me searching my library for a book I last remember reading 50 years ago. Incredibly, I found it in a stack of music on the bottom shelf … Continue reading

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The Bible: Gutenberg’s Printing Shop, Year 1439

Books have a special appeal to me–I like the look and touch of a good book. A few years ago, when presented an opportunity to spend several evenings inside the Stanford Green Library rare books room, I leapt at the … Continue reading

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