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The Championship Year—Good Summer Reading

At the end of this Montana road, at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains, sits the small town of Willow Springs. It’s a quiet town with a Methodist Church, a small café, and a very small high school. The … Continue reading

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John Irving—Twisted River, A Writer Drifts Through Life

A guardian angel looks down on Iowa. A scene from John Irving’s novel Last Night in Twisted River takes place on a small pig farm not far from Iowa City. A pig was roasting in a makeshift barbeque pit not … Continue reading

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Illustrated Tales of Nations—German Cigarette Cards

The Chinese Nightingale is an illustrated folk tale set in ancient China. The charming story is included in Tales of the Nations (Märchen der Völker), illustrations and stories produced as part of a German cigarette advertising promotion just before WWII. … Continue reading

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Mark Bowden—Worm, New Mutant Activity Registered

As Mark Bowden’s science thriller Worm: The First Digital World War opens, a computer security expert named Phil is scrolling through a long list of computer threats. There were 137 attacks on that day, not an unusual number for an … Continue reading

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